Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B16: States Have the Right to Defend Their Borders

The New York Times reports:
States must treat migrants with dignity but have the right to regulate immigration and defend their borders, Pope Benedict XVI said on Tuesday.
He said everyone had the right to leave home to seek better conditions of life in another country. 
"At the same time, states have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person," he said.
Take that Mahony!


  1. Basicly, Papa Benedetto is reiterating what the Catholic Church has always taught. & as you so rightly point out, Mahony & many others, have ignored.

  2. Indeed. One of the most disturbing things I have seen in a church was a Stations of the Cross that was all about illegal immigrants. The first station included a condemnation of all those who turned in illegals. Another station castigated those who use the entirely appropriate word "illegal" to describe undocumented workers. I wouldn't deny that illegals suffer and I commend them for the risks they take to provide for their families. However, one must admit the fact that they violate the rule of law. Too many Catholics think that Christian Charity demands open borders anarchy.

  3. We need to help people join our country. But if too many pour in, we won't be able to handle them. I think I'll die of old age before that problem gets solved.