Saturday, October 16, 2010

Depressing Statistics

According to the Center For Applied Research in the Apostolate,via Msrg. Charles Pope,  over 70% of weekly Mass attending Catholics believe that premarital sex is not always a sin.
This chart represents polling data over the last 40 years:

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Compare these statistics to Protestant responses:

On the issue of pre-marital sex, Protestants are more in line with Catholic teaching than Catholics are.  I'm happy for the Protestants, but I'm saddened by Catholics' rejection of Church teaching.


  1. How many believers, Protestant or Catholic or otherwise, do you think are looking at sex the right way? For me, and I suspect for more people than me, it's easy to see abstinence as being a Puritan and having sex as embracing life and similar sentiments.

    In short, how many people are thinking about sex the way God thinks about it? Sorry if this sounds garbled.

  2. Not garbled at all. Speaking literally, no one thinks about sex the same way that God does because we're not God. The best we can do is believe what the Church teaches, that sex is a holy expression of marital love and instrument of procreation. What blows my mind is the fact that Catholics who take an hour out of their week to obey Church teaching regarding Mass attendance, reject Church teaching on other things like sex. Why? If I didn't believe in the authority of the Church I'd be playing video games instead of going to Mass.