Sunday, October 24, 2010

Satan Loves Bad Theology

Satan has a blog.  It's not Screwtape but it's pretty darn good (or rather evil).  Satan writes,
Did you know I love theology?
Yes, it’s a fact.  But it’s not just any theology I love, but any one of a whole boatload of false theologies.  And when I say a boatload, I’m talking cruise ship—big, comfortable, and full of smiling people trying to escape reality, if only for a moment.

You see, there is one way to get theology right, and about a gajillion ways to get theology wrong to one degree or another.  As an astute student, professor, and promoter of wrong theologies, I’ve always been amused at how easy it is to propagate false gospels, counterfeit Jesus’s, and overall flawed theologies.  It’s easy because I’ve observed a great propensity of all humans to adapt their theology (and all human beings have one) to their personal taste, sort of like making God in man’s own image.

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