Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Deerslaying Priest

Fr. Joe Classen is a Missouri priest who loves hunting and the outdoors and incorporates that passion into his ministry.  As my profile picture suggests, I am a proud hunter and I greatly appreciate Fr. Classen's appreciation for, and defense of, my favorite pastime.  He writes,
In the “green” days of political correctness, environmental activism and animal rights, the
American legacy of hunting is coming under more scrutiny than ever. There are many
concerns in our culture for animal welfare, and a more “humane” way of living. The idea
of armed, camouflage-clad individuals taking to the woods in search of their quarry is
abhorred by those whose fantasy view of the natural world is based on the subjective,
feel-good nonsense of Disney movies and the like.
Indeed, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation about hunting these days, about its purpose and value as well as the laughable stereotypes of those who hunt and fish.There is the incredibly mistaken notion that we hunters are crazed murderers who have a sick fascination with destroying life. Unfortunately, there are people who fit that description: They are called poachers, and they are criminals!
But for those of us who passionately love hunting and all things outdoors, absolutely
nothing could be further from the truth. Hunters are the first and truest environmentalists.
We are the greenest of the green.
Hunters are not mere spectators of creation, as other nature lovers are. Rather, we are
active participants as we immerse ourselves completely into God’s creation and take a
hands-on role in managing our natural, renewable resources, of which animals are a big

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H/T: Creative Minority Report

Fr. Classen's Website:
Hunting for God


  1. "Hunters are the first and truest environmentalists" How absolutely true this is.

    I am an occasional fisherman myself, and would like to go hunting one day.

  2. TH2: You really should. Canada has the biggest whitetails in the world!

  3. I wonder if he & Fr. Mitch Pacwa have gone hunting together? Fr. Pacwa does a lot of hunting himself. Can't remember specifics, but he did have a few pictures on his laptop of some game he shot down in Texas when he was here in DBQ last Feb.

  4. I noticed some of Fr. Pacwa's writing on Fr. Classen's website.