Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Weirdness: Overly Ambitious Frog


The Gympie Times reports:
A GYMPIE couple watched a battle of epic proportions unfold on their patio one evening. A green tree frog, perhaps tired of eating moths day in and day out, turned the tables on an unsuspecting snake and decided to partake of something a little out of the ordinary.“It was about 6pm,” Mr Solymosi said, “my wife saw it happening and yelled out to me.”
The frog, determined to make a meal of the little crowned snake, was not about to let dinner get away.  “The frog stayed in the same position for quite some time,” he said.  “The snake was moving and the frog was waiting to see what would happen.”  Grabbing his digital camera, Mr Solymosi started recording the scene.  
“The frog was getting impatient and started shoving the snake into his mouth with his front feet.  ”At that point the snake decided to fight back and started to wind itself around the frog’s hind leg.  “That’s when the frog panicked because the snake tried to strangle him,” Mr Solymosi said.At this point discretion seemed the better part of valour, he said, and the frog released its ’death hold’, before both combatants went their separate ways.
 H/T: Dave Barry


  1. Dave Barry natch!!!!
    Although I have yet to forgive him for no longer writing a regular column.

  2. I've read a lot of his columns in book collections. Funny stuff!

  3. Agreed,they are funny even though some of his jokes do tend to be a bit on the, shall we say, immature lowest common male denominator level.
    Like I said, I miss his regular columns. Hopefully, he will have his annual Christmas gift list & year end revue.