Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catholic Bacon from Canadian Bloggers

Our frosty friends in Canukistan produce some fine Catholic blogging.  Check 'em out!

From TH2: Into the Desert, an analysis of conditions on the Sinai peninsula at the time that The Holy Family would have traversed it.

From Marco the Cybertronian : Liberal Ostrich Syndrome

From Catholic Roundup: 2010 Catholic New Media Advent Calendar (I found it a little late but it's still cool)

(Apologies for the awful pun of a title.  I can't help myself.)


  1. Thanks for the link, sir. I, too, recommend the Cybertronian. I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas. Hope your exams went well.

  2. TH2: A Blessed Christmas to you as well. Grades are good. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the link dude!!! Merry Christmas and I definetly recommend TH2, Heresy Hunter!