Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Cross & the Water Tower

The Cross & The Water Tower is a Christmas story written by my friends and neighbors, Patrick and Mary Mangan.  Their cousin Kevin Mooney illustrated the book.
From the official website:
Trouble is brewing when Mr. Herbert steps into the Christmas-loving town of Wauconda and demands the villagers remove their Christmas cross from the water tower. Join adventurous young Casey Wilkerson and the Water Tower Club as they plan a little Christmas surprise... 
The Cross & The Water Tower makes a great Christmas gift and you should all buy at least two copies immediately!  Order here.

To the Mangans: I'm expecting something in return for my coveted endorsement.  Maybe some chips and salsa.


  1. "coveted endorsement." 1st of all, isn't coveting forbidden by the 10th Commandment?
    2ndly are you implying that your endorsement is on the same level as Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, Tim Wildmon, Bishop John Ricard, S.S.J. etc????

    Seriously, after checking it out on their website, I am impressed with the way the whole family got into the act.

    Linking it on my facebook page.

  2. Well Bishop Ricard doesn't have a blog with an alliterative title.