Friday, December 17, 2010

Richard Dawkins Meets the Terminator

Scene from Terminator 2:
After the Terminator nearly shoots a couple of human attackers, a shocked John Connor attempts to teach the cyborg some morality.  The Terminator's lines are better in Ahhnold's voice so use your imagination.

John:  Put the gun down!  Now!
(The attackers run away and the Terminator sets down his gun)
John: You were gonna kill those guys!
The Terminator: Of course.  I'm a terminator.
John: Listen to me, very carefully, okay?  You're not a terminator any more.  Alright?  You got that?  You can't just go around killing people!
The Terminator: Why?
John: Whattaya mean, why?  'Cause you can't!
The Terminator: Why?
John: You just can't, ok?
The Terminator: Why?
(Richard Dawkins suddenly approaches)
Dawkins: Why shouldn't you kill people?  I'll tell you why!  You shouldn't kill people because humans are imbued with an arbitrary sense of altruism by the process of natural selection.  Sure this means that morality is ultimately meaningless, but you should just try not to think about it.
John: On second thought, maybe you should shoot this guy.

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  1. Is Peter Singer next in line?????

  2. LF: Thanks!
    Al: Considering how remorselessly Singer endorses infanticide, I bet he's a Terminator.

  3. Patrick, I suspect you are right.

  4. What is disturbing about Singer is that, if you ever hear/see him speak his nihilism, is his nonchalant manner, a regular guy approach.