Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weird Weirdos Doing Weird Stuff

FOX NY reports:
Armageddon-fearing pilgrims were flocking to a village deep in the southern French hills after a countdown was started to the end of the world, which stood Thursday at a mere 729 days to go.
If I thought that the end of the world was imminent, I wouldn't go to France, I would go to Crispy Creme Donuts on my way to a Catholic church.  This story starts out weird and gets weirder:
Followers of the Mayan calendar believe the mountain in the Corbieres hills overlooking the village of Bugarach, east of the Pyrenees, was endorsed by aliens as a safe place to survive the demise of civilization.
Aliens?  Really?
The countdown began Tuesday, exactly two years until Dec. 21, 2012 -- the movement's assigned Judgment Day.
Speaking of Judgment Day, why is Terminator 2 subtitled Judgment Day?  The world doesn't even come close to ending in that movie.
The mythical status bestowed upon the 4,045 foot high rock above Bugarach has inspired legends since the Middle Ages and attracted generations of hikers.
But the French locals were left bemoaning the sudden deluge of New Age pilgrims, who they accuse of setting up camp in the village to cash in on the fears of impending doom.
"It may be necessary to call in the military to control the crowds," said Bugarach mayor Jean-Pierre Delord, who anticipated "chaos" in the next 24 months. His deputy, Gilbert Cros said the new influx "gives us a bad image." 
Am I reading this right?  The French want to bring in the military to shoot hippies?  Maybe it's the end of the world after all.
Police said they were looking into crowd control plans, while Miviludes, a state agency that tracks dangerous cults, said it was keeping close watch on the village and the “apocalypse movement."
I don't really see why they need crowd control.  If the world does end, there won't be any crowds to control, and if the world doesn't end, I doubt that the hippies' first reaction will be to riot.  Then again, these are the French.

All of this 2012 hysteria is just more proof that people who cease to believe in God will believe in anything.  Hopefully these weirdos will perform some much needed self-examination after waking up on Dec 22, 2012.


  1. That was weird! Aliens? Oh boy! What lunacy!

    The way Europe is with rioting nowadays you never know what reasons the French or any other European country might use to justify their rioting in a couple years.

    I would love to see the pilgrims reactions when they wake up on Dec. 22, 2012.

  2. "more proof that people who cease to believe in God will believe in anything." Absolutely correct!!!!!! & they mock us for what we believe.

    I can't remember which saint said it, but the response when asked what he would do if he found out the world was about to end said he woould keep doing what he was doing. So if you were already on your way to Krispy Kreme or Church then go for it.

  3. Al: I think it might have been St. Don Bosco, though I could be wrong about that.