Saturday, January 29, 2011

Michael Voris is Wrong About Amazing Grace

On The Vortex, host Michael Voris condemns the song Amazing Grace for being too Protestant.  I agree with Voris most of the time but in this case he is making a mountain out of a molehill and trying to do away with a great song. 

Yes the Protestant heresy regarding the supposed "wretchedness" of humanity is written into the song.  However, the word wretch has a double meaning in this case.  John Newton, the author of Amazing Grace was a former slave trader.  He was personally pretty wretched regardless of Protestant beliefs about justification.  I see nothing wrong with simply accepting that half of the double meaning and rejecting the heretical part.  As for the line about the hour of first belief, Voris is again overreacting.  In his hour of first belief, Newton repented and begged God to save his ship from a storm.  The storm relented and Newton was converted.  Newton may have been referring to sanctifying grace but anyone can recognize the actual grace poured out on the contrite slave trader.

I'm calling in the Dropkick Murphys to provide some musical artillery support.  You can't really argue with Irish punk rock.  If you try it will break your eardrums.


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  1. Agree with you on this. Wretchedness could include turning your back on God, Catholic faith as well as protestant meaning. I always took the line about grace to mean it in the Catholic sense, not that he believed & then grace came but grace came 1st to enable him to believe.

  2. Love the DropKick Murphy's. Total favorites. I often view Michael Voris through the same lens I view Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. As in, "Dude, back the crazy f'ing train up." There's legitimate things to get all huffy about (which I do appreciate some of Voris' videos), and "Amazing Grace" ain't one of them. Thanks for the link to your post!

  3. You are so right.

    Can we believe that God denies Grace to Protestants? I can't. It's a magnificent hymn. Anyway, I guess the arguments about Grace at the Council of Trent are beyond me. I just stick with the Pope.

    Never heard of the DropKick Murphys. As of today, I'm a fan. What a performance!

  4. Guys,..we have to understand where Michael Voris is coming from. He is a revert like most of us, and pissed off because we were never educated in the faith. Our catechism classes talked about feeding the poor and colouring pictures of rainbows etc,.. Fr Corapi can get extreme as well. Amazing Grace is a great song,..but it does have Calvinistic overtones. I wouldn't dedicate a Vortex episode to it,..and never gave it much thought, but I do believe that we have a wellspring of traditional Catholic Hymns that we can use! When is the last time we heard Tantum Ergo at Communion time?

  5. Marco: I totally agree that traditional Catholic hymns should be sung at Mass. Most modern Catholic hymns are sickly sweet hippy tunes and even the best Protestant hymns usually don't reflect the majesty of the Mass.

  6. Serious lack of understanding here in both the blogger and the commentators. The writer of this article shows his disdain for Mr. Voris right of the bat. So any reader can completely dismiss what comes after "hostile hair-sprayed". I assume that most of you here belong to the bury your head in the sand club who are comfortable with a 45 minute Sunday being your contribution to the Church Militant. I pray for you.

    Maybe instead of mocking the man you should listen and test it against what really goes on. I bet though that most of you care more for the charismatic than you do for Christ. In the end it is just about how the song makes you feel anyway. When you are ready to practice a more mature faith that is of action. Then you may understand his point. I hope that you grow up sooner rather than later!

  7. Anon: Seriously dude, I don't have a problem with Voris. Like I said, I agree with him most of the time, though he sometimes seems grating to me. If it makes you feel better, not that I'm particularly concerned about about that, I will modify my alliterative description of Mr. Voris.

    As for our faith, what the hell do you know about it? You read a few comments on a blog post and you have the authority to declare us lukewarm Catholics? Get a grip!

    I do thank you for the prayers however. I appreciate when people pray for me regardless of their intentions. God Bless.

  8. Anon: talk about serious lack of understanding....

    @Marco - sometimes reverts or converts can bring back to the Church with them a definite Protestant mindset - and we don't need that in the Church. Love in Truth, Truth in Love. no attention to these anonymous commentators who seek to destroy your peace.

  9. Patrick, to add what you said about Modern Catholic songs, I can't call them hymns. Some of them like "Ashes" are downright heretical, others like "We have come to tell our story" are self-whorship. I'll take the good old hymns any day.

    Anonymous, FYI I have met, talked to & ate lunch with him at a conference her in DBQ. I have great respect for him. That doesn't mean I can't occasionally disagree with him.

    & what do you mean by charismatic???? May I remind you that the Catholic Church is was & always will be charismatic because of the operation of the charisms (& I am not just talking about those identified with the charismatic renewal) of all sorts, teaching, prophecy, Petrine charism, etc. I don't worship any gifts, just the giver, Jesus, the Father & the Holy Spirit.

  10. If "self-whorship" was deliberate, I'm so stealing that. "Whoring" and "Worship" together. LOL

  11. Whorship- Religious practices of Canaanite temple prostitutes. ;)

  12. Ha. Amusing. And about Amazing Grace... it seems a little too nitpicky. I will say that I can't connect with modern hymns at the Mass. Not at all. There's a time and a place for Matt Maher, and his music CANNOT TOUCH WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THAT ALTAR.