Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photos From the March for Life

These pictures were taken on my iPod which doesn't have zoom.  Even so, I think they turned out nicely.

Assembling on the National Mall

 Nellie Gray Speaking at the Rally

Pro-Life Captain America!

 WTF: An Appropriate Reaction to Abortion


Sign: Obama Your Mama Chose Life!

A Highly Confused Super-Trad

 Democrats for Life

TFP Ultramontanists

What More Need Be Said?

Benedictine College President Stephen Minnis (2nd From Left)

The Supreme Court

Al Should Appreciate These Last Two:

 Unwelcome Visitors

There were so few counter-protesters that I didn't even see any.

Photo Credit: THOnline

The La Rouche nutjobs made an appearance.  They're psycho conspiracy theorists who like to show up at conservative events.   They had a sign that looked like this:


Some people from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform set up a display from the Genocide Awareness Project along the march route.  The GAP display features graphic images of aborted babies.  To see some examples click here.  Usually CBER sets up GAP displays on college campuses.  I'm all for exposing hedonistic college students to abortion images, but there is no need to show pictures of dead babies to pro-life 8 year-olds.  One of the CBER representatives was harassing the marchers, demanding that they use graphic images.  He said, "Whoever wants to use images like this raise their hand!  Why isn't anyone raising their hand?"  I replied, "Because our hands are cold dammit!"  I don't think that he heard me but that means that the aforementioned 8 year-olds didn't either which is a good thing. 


  1. Great photos! I especially like the sign that said Obama your Mama chose life.

  2. "Al Should Appreciate These Last Two:"

    As for the counter protestors, like I said over at my blog, that picture shows 1 of the few that was there, a fact backed up by the picture I put up from another blog that also had this same person front & center as 1 of the few counter protestors. But the media didn't mention the few counter protestors, or the huge number of Pro-lifers either.

    BTW did you get to talk to anyone from DBQ?

  3. Teresa: Thanks!
    Al: I had to stay with my group so I didn't get a chance to talk to many people.