Monday, February 28, 2011

"Cool" Youth Ministers

My buddy Sean is not a fan of Christian youth leaders who try to be cool.  He writes,
“I don’t know, man, like I have a lot of trouble sometimes, just trying to reach God, and keeping all of these temptations out of my head…”

“Oh, that’s great, man. Praise God, you know? He’s given us so much in this life…”

“Man, today was amazing. God was just helping me out, and it was so great, and He just gave me a great day….”
Ever heard a teenager (or a youth minister) say something like that? I tried to replicate it, but you have to hear it. It’s as if the speaker wants to sound like a reformed Crip coming into Christ.
Read the rest here.

Sean's post reminds me of this video.  Watch, cringe, and enjoy.


  1. That video was funny for the first 5 minutes... after that it was just hard to watch... mainly because I have seen that in both protestant and Catholic settings

  2. Thanks for the promotion and the gloriously bad video.

  3. Seen more than a few Ignatiuses in this area, sadly!

  4. Sorry for breaking everyone's brains!

  5. I just want to say, first of all: FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER. secondly, i want to point out that Paul, the youth minister for Good Shepherd over here in Tallahassee, is really cool. He has an awesome haircut and plays Black Ops on the Xbox 360. But he is also an amazing spiritual leader, so it actually is possible to have a cool youth leader who is also a good youth leader.

  6. nbutton: I'm glad he's a good spiritual leader. There's nothing wrong with being cool unless coolness becomes more important than holiness.