Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joe Biden: France Will Own Your Kids

Political Punch reports:
H/T: Weasel Zippers

In support of President Obama’s bid to “win the future,” America’s most famous Amtrak rider, Vice President Joe Biden, issued a stern warning about U.S. competitiveness in the high-speed rail game: “If we don’t get a grip, folks, they’ll not only be teaching us, they’re gonna own our kids.”
The “they” Biden is talking about are all the other countries in the world who are developing or expanding high-speed rail systems, including China, Japan, Spain and France.
Of these countries, it could be argued that China will own us because the U.S. Treasury owes it a lot of money, but not because of trains.  France will own our kids?  Seriously?  If the Obama administration knows what's good for it, it will keep the cameras away from crazy uncle Joe.

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  1. gonna own??? I thought China already pretty much did. If Laura Ingraham is to be believed, China is already putting in bids for the equipemnt for high speed rail. & probably will win if we go ahead.
    I am all for high speed rail. But I am also all for the US Government getting out of the business of running it.