Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • The "evils" that the media tells us to fear, like video games and obesity are replacements for actual sin, which is ignored.
  • Politicians who don't know what assault weapons are shouldn't be allowed to ban them.
  • In cases of conception by rape, if you have to kill someone, kill the rapist.
  • The humans in Battlestar Galactica are polythiests, but at least they believe in deities that aren't glowing balls of energy.
    • Sometimes loving your enemies means giving them a proper burial.
    • Show me a materialist who's beliefs about morality are self-referentially consistent and I'll show you a Hobbesian sociopath.

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        1. On the advice of counsel (my Mom), I have deleted the portion of the post and the comments pertaining to it that might cast Benedictine College in a bad light.