Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Benedictine College Ad

Being an ad, the video presents only the positive aspects of the college experience.  Even so, it is a fairly accurate summation of life at Benedictine College and exemplifies much of what I love about the school.  At the 4:38 mark you can see me chatting with Fr. Brendan, head of campus ministry.


  1. OK, admit it, you are prejudiced in favor of this only because you are in it.
    Seriously, I'm impressed. Yeah, it does present the positive, but they all do. Still, it is clear that, unlike a certain Catholic College that I know, & usually love, the Catholic isn't just presented for PR but is at the heart of the College.
    BTW Did I actually see a nun in a habit????
    PS I know it is only my prejudices coming out & I can understand locating the campus in Firenze, but sono Calabrese & that is where the real heart of Italia is. Yes, I still have famiglia down there as well.

  2. We do have sisters in habits here, they're just not Benedictines. Florence sounds nice but they did kick Dante out! ;)

  3. Watching this promotional video, even though you mention it emphasizes just the positive aspects, still gives me regret. Alas, my post-secondary learning was wholly in secular/liberal institutions.

    By the way, what are you studying?

  4. Dead People (History). I'm thinking about archeology, law, or teaching history as possible future careers assuming I'm not called to a religious vocation.

  5. " Florence sounds nice but they did kick Dante out! ;)"
    Sort of. Dante was exiled because he was a white Guelph (Guelfo bianco). & when the black Guelphs (Guelfo nero) seized power they exiled him. The joys of Italiano city-stae politics.

    PS: Given the color of the habits, I sort of figured they were not Benedictines.

  6. I knew that Dante was exiled but I didn't know the specifics. Thanks for the history lesson.

  7. Prego (you're welcome) Benedictine College history major. :)