Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biden Knows Nothing

Politico reports:
The Know-Nothings were an American political organization of the 19th century known for their opposition to Catholics and recent immigrants - they got their name because they were, at least in theory, sworn to profess total ignorance about their activities. Their heyday was the 1850s, but after some electoral victories, the Civil War pretty much knocked them out of the spotlight.

Vice President Biden, speaking Wednesday in Tampa, Fla., referenced the Know-Nothings in complaining about the strategy of congressional Republicans who want to, he said, "cut our way out of a recession."

"It's never happened before," he was quoted as saying by the St. Petersburg Times. "These guys remind me of the Know-Nothing Party of the 19th century. Then it was about religion, now it's about the economy."

Biden, who appeared with Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, took some specific swipes at Gov. Rick Scott, a first-term Republican who has rejected $2.4 billion in federal funds for a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando. Scott said he doubted enough people would use the train.

"Even if you were doubtful, I don't understand how in this economy in Florida you could walk away from 24,000 high paying jobs," Biden says.
The Know-Nothings wanted to kick Irish and Italians out of America.  Florida Republicans have decided that they don't want to build a railroad.  How in the freaking heck are they at all similar?


  1. (With tongue very firmly planted in cheek) The only answer I can come up with is that it was the Italianos & Irish made up a huge number of workers at the railroad shops in the late 1800s & early 1900s.

    Seriously, I am a big rail fan. & I am all for improving the service, just not having the government pay for it as Biden wants to.

    & for many reasons, his lack of economics as well as his Catholic faith among others, Biden is clearly the know-nothing these days.

    1st of all, 24,000 high paying jobs????? Where did he pull that number out of?

    2nd, if memeory serves me, up to the Great Depression the US government did nothing to stimulate the economy in a depression, just let it work itself out.

    it sounds to me like Biden has his hairplugs on just a little too tight.

  2. Al: A very funny suggestion. Rick Scott is trying to discriminate against 19th Century Italians and Irish railroad workers.

    Reminds me of a song.

    And drill, ye tarriers, drill
    Drill, ye tarriers, drill
    For it's work all day for the sugar in you tay
    Down beyond the railway
    And drill, ye tarriers, drill
    And blast, and fire.

  3. Biden pulled that number out of his magic hat. These libs live in some type of fantasy land. Your spot on Patrick, Biden knows nothing.