Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Rising

During Easter Week of 1916 (Apr 24-30), an insurrection against British rule was staged in Dublin by Irish republicans.  Following the defeat and surrender of the rebels, 90 men were executed and 1,480 were imprisoned in England and Wales.  Though occupying a post office in the middle of a city surrounded by British troops and artillery was not a stroke of tactical genius, the sacrifice of the rebels inspired the people of Ireland into greater resistance against the English and led to the Irish War of Independence.

Those who follow this blog can guess that I wrote a post about the Easter Rising for two reasons, to honor those who fought and died, and as an excuse to post some great Irish music.

The song Grace is about the true story of the wedding of Grace Gifford and Joseph Mary Plunkett, just hours before Plunkett's execution by firing squad.  Read the story here.


  1. Patrick wrote: "as an excuse to post some great Irish music."

    Do you really need an excuse???? This is your blog, just do it!!!!