Friday, April 29, 2011

It's A Good Time to Drink But Where's the Beer?

The  Mirror reports:
Prince William and Kate Middleton have banned guests from drinking beer at their wedding reception.

The prospect of guests downing pints has been deemed unsuitable for such a prestigious occasion.
Instead, the couple will treat their 650 guests to flutes of champagne and wine to accompany their canapés as they mingle in the palace's 19 state rooms.
Instead of Newcastle, the royals will be serving the national drink of the French, England's traditional enemy.  Wine might be more prestigious but for aesthetic purposes beer would be better for drowning the national sorrows of Great Britain.  The Queen's subjects have every reason to drink at the moment.  The royal couple will be married by the imposter Archbishop of Canterbury whose church will one day be nominally controlled by the groom.  Following his eventual coronation, Prince William will become the anti-pope of the Church of England, an organization that is getting dumber every day.  In addition, the sorry state of marriage in the UK and throughout the west is highlighted by a royal wedding that follows eight years of cohabitation.  This relationship has not produced any children because Kate Middleton has suppressed her fertility like the rest of British women, whose few descendents will inherit a country ruled by Mohammedans.  If anyone needs a beer right now, it's the English.


  1. Tell us how you really feel. :| LOL.

  2. Thank you Patrick, I feel like a beer after reading your post.

  3. No beer!!! Is that King Henry VIII I hear turning over in his grave? Or is that simply because he is roasting on a spit? ;)

    Wills will someday be the anti-pope taking the place of Grans who is the anti-popessa at this point in time.

    You have also given a great summary of why so many Anglicans over there are swimming the Tiber these days.

  4. Ranter: This is the nice version!

    Richard: I'd welcome a reciprocal depressing post about my country but I'm not old enough for a beer. Perhaps I'll come over to your side of the pond where there is a lower drinking age and raise a glass with you to Bonny Prince Charlie.

    Al: Funny point about Henry VII! We cannot of course assume the damnation of anyone but I know it's a joke. Come to think of it, I wonder what the king would be subjected to in Hell. Would Dante put him in a burning coffin with the heretics, or in the whirlwind with the adulterers?

  5. How about on a spit in the burning coffin with the motor being operated by wind power?