Friday, May 13, 2011

Interesting Links

Please excuse the lack of blogging.  I've been busy moving back home for the summer.

Warren Buffet Wants You to Die

Obama: Nothing More Important than Working for the Government

50 Best Hunting Rifles of the Last Decade

Federal Funding for Mimes and Accordions

Zmirak: Amnesty=Abortion

Human Rights vs "Human Rights" in Europe


  1. Hunting rifle - Kill the wabbit!!!!
    PS Remember Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's rifle, no matter how nice they are.

    The right is called heartless because it wants to cut the government money spent on mimes, but it is OK for Obama to cut the funding to real health clinics but not pPlanned Parenthood since keeping abortion clinics open to kill unborn babies is called being concerned for women's health by the left. Who are the really heartless ones?

    (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) of course cutting the funding for accordianists could mean we may not have the next Weird Al as a result. (now into sarcasm) But thanks to the left, he or she may never have been born.

  2. Personally, I like being a heartless conservative.