Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gov. Cuomo and St. Thomas More

Gov. Cuomo says that he has a devotion to St. Thomas More, a revelation more ironic than a phone-booth full of hipsters.  Ed Peters writes
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, per this interview with Maureen Dowd, keeps a portrait of St. Thomas More (which had once belonged to his father Mario) in his Albany office. I am glad to hear it, for St. Thomas, I am sure, intercedes especially for Catholics in high political office. Any Catholic in political life today needs St. Thomas More’s prayers. 
Cuomo, we read, has shrugged off the shrill complaint of Vatican adviser Edward Peters that he’s living in ‘public concubinage’ with his girlfriend in their Westchester home,” adding that “[Peters] was a blogger, not from my state. I didn’t want to give it too much credibility.’ As for whether Lee was hurt by the crude, archaic term, [Cuomo] conceded, ‘It was not a pleasant conversation for anyone.’”
To adapt a famous line from A Man For All Seasons, "It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul.  But for your girlfriend?"


  1. "phone booth full of hipsters" given the dearth of phone booths these days, I would have to say your love of history is showing.
    That aside, does Cuomo NOT get it? St. Thomas lost his head because he wouldn't recognize the marriage of Henry VII & Anne Boleyn as valid. In other words, in St. Thomas' view (as well as the Catholic Church) Henry & Anne were living in public concubinage.

  2. Either Cuomo does understand but does not care, or he is just really dumb.

  3. Anyone who has read Dr. Peters' blog would never characterize his
    tightly reasoned, dispassionate and well-researched explications
    on Canon Law as "shrill". Mo Dowd, on the other hand...

    As I'm sure you know, Mr. Button, Dr. Peters is so well respected as an
    expert on Canon Law that he was appointed one of six official advisors
    to the Apostolic Signatura, the only layman so appointed. Regarding
    Canon Law, the man's an authority with some serious credibility.

    Mr. Cuomo's responses to Dr. Peters' observation?
    1) "(Peters) is a blogger". Er, he's rather more than that when
    it comes to Canon Law.
    2) "...not from my state". How does that bear on the truth of what he
    pointed out?
    3) "I didn't want to give it too much credibility". Well, that much is
    obvious, but given Dr. Peters' highly respected expertise that has his
    services retained by the Vatican itself, I'd say Dr. Peters' credibility is
    far beyond Mr. Cuomo's poor power to add or detract.

    Mr. Cuomo's response to Dr. Peters is basically to cover his ears and
    chant "La la la I can't hear you!". Since a man doesn't get to be
    Governor of New York by being really dumb, it appears that the other
    option you mentioned, that he understands but does not care, is the
    correct analysis.