Saturday, July 16, 2011

B52's vs Veggie Tales

After quitting my summer job early in order to go to a family reunion, my former employers retaliated by giving me the flu.  I don't feel much like blogging at the moment so I will just ask my readers a question.  Which song is better?


  1. I could be a smart aleck & say the Family Guy version ( ) or remind you that Veggie Tales version is technically a parody, but I won't. Given my age, maturity (???), etc, I have to say the B-52's since they are the original.

  2. PS. Hope you're feeling better soon. Meanwhile get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids etc.

  3. Go to youtube and search for veggie Tales "Dance of the Cucumeber"

    You'll thanks me later

  4. Al: I appreciate the sentiment. The B-52's music video is one of the weirdest good things I have ever seen.

    PW: I love that song!