Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bishop Aquila Lays Down the Law

Life Site News reports,
The Church should seek the conversion of pro-abortion politicians, but if they remain obstinate they should be expelled from the Church, says Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo. 
The Bishop proposed in an interview with Catholic World Report this week that Bishops should take their cue from the Gospel of Matthew in handling pro-abortion politicians.  
“Our Lord tells us to speak to the person, and then take two or three others with us if he does not change,” he said. “If he still does not change, the Church can speak to him, which is done through the bishop. [The bishop] exercises the authority of Christ. Christ then says that if that person is still obstinate and will not change, treat them as a tax collector or Gentile. Expel him.’” 
The Bishop continued: “Catholics are called to defend human life, particularly that of the unborn. The Church’s teaching is clear. If we don’t challenge public officials who reject this teaching, we leave them in their sins and confuse the faithful.”
It's great to see a bishop with backbone!  His excellency is probably doing a good job in Fargo, but it would be nice if he were transferred to a more populous diocese.  There aren't many people, pro-abortion or otherwise in North Dakota so Aquila does not have anyone to excommunicate.  Wouldn't it be great if he were Joe Biden's bishop?


  1. Bishop Aquila is only 60 so he could be moved. I have been campaigning for his being made Archbishop in DBQ. However, every time I mention it to friends from the fargo diocese, I meet with strong resistance. they do not want to lose him any time soon.

  2. DBQ doesn't need him, Tallahassee-Pensacola does! ;)

  3. Britain's National Gallery has a magnificent Van Dyck painting that
    shows St. Ambrose barring the emperor Theodosius from entering
    Milan's cathedral. The story behind the painting is that in 390 AD,
    in Thessalonica, a city had revolted and a general and several officers
    were slain. Theodosius ordered reprisals, and so during a festival
    when 7000 townspeople were inside the city's stadium, the emperor's
    troops sealed the exits and slaughtered everyone inside.

    The emperor was residing in Milan when news of the massacre reached
    Italy. The next time the emperor attempted to enter the cathedral to
    attend Mass, St. Ambrose publicly barred the doors to him -- and did
    not permit him admission to a church until he publicly repented and
    did penance. Which, in fact, he did.

    His Excellency the Bishop of Fargo has an excellent precedent for
    calling out Catholic political figures on their serious, scandalous public sins. St. Ambrose did not equivocate, he did not rationalize inaction
    on some absurd basis such as saying the massacre took place outside
    his diocese of Milan. The saint took a firm stand for the laws
    and truth of the Church in a public rebuke that could have cost him
    his life. And that is why, over 1200 years later, Van Dyck created
    that magnificent painting of St. Ambrose confronting the emperor.
    That's one of the reasons why St. Ambrose is a saint today.

    I doubt anyone 1200 years from now will commission a painting of
    any of the majority of our bishops today as they wash their hands
    of responsibility for the public, serious, scandalous sins of our legions
    of pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Our bishop's equivocations and
    lame rationalizations, their willingness to let the politicians make asses
    of them (did Pelosi ever bother to meet with her bishop
    as she promised 3 years ago?) -- these things are themselves a
    scandal and erode the respect for the moral authority of all bishops.

    I honor the good Bishop of Fargo, +Aquila. May his tribe increase.
    We need 'em.

  4. Clinton: I did not know that St. Ambrose did that. Thanks for the great comment!