Monday, August 29, 2011

For Bloggers Who Love Comment Counts

Acts of the Apostasy presents the Top Ten Topics That Will Rock Your Catholic Blog:

10. Why the Latin Mass/Novus Ordo is better than the Novus Ordo/Latin Mass.
9. Attire for Mass - shouldn't folks just be glad no one's showing up naked?
8. Medjugorje - Real, or is God just joshing?
7. "If I were diocese would be whipped into shape in no time!"
6. So-called gay marriage - doesn't it prove that gays, deep down, really want to be straight?
5. Natural family planning - contraception with a conscience, or a scientific alternative to "Not tonight dear - I've got a headache"?
4. The Democratic Party/Republican Party represents the full embodiment of Catholic Social Teaching.
3. If the Church had 4 or 5 more folks like Michael Voris, Satan would throw in the towel and admit defeat.
2. Communion in the hand or communion on the tongue - which way proves you're the better person?
1. Gregorian Chant sounds stupid - give me "I Am The Bread Of Life" any day!