Saturday, September 3, 2011


Last night Benedictine College put on a free concert for students featuring Scythian, a Celtic rock band.  I did not go to the concert until near the end, partly because the name of the band offended my sense of geography.  (Yes, I know I'm weird.)  The area once known as Scythia is nowhere near the British Isles, but their band is named Scythian.  After I read the last names of the band members, I realized that at least two of them had Eastern European ancestry, thus explaining the band name and satisfying my geographical OCD.  In addition, the band plays some Gypsy and Klezmer (Eastern European Jewish) music, further justifying their name.

Anyway, I was very impressed by the part of the concert I did attend and I wish that I had heard the whole thing.  Simply put, Scythian plays great songs with a tremendous amount of energy and technical skill.  The band members also appear to be practicing Catholics.  During the concert, the band dedicated one song to the resident Benedictine Monks, and I could see that lead singer Alexander Fedoryka was wearing a scapular.  Checking the Scythian website I discovered that Scythian was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus to perform at World Youth Day in Madrid!  They even offer a free sampler album to commemorate the occasion.  Check it out here.

I really enjoyed hearing Scythian and I encourage you to buy their music.  But don't take my word for it, check out these great songs and instrumental pieces:

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  1. "My geographical OCD" - lol!

    Awesome stuff - but you knew I was a sucker for good Celtic music.