Sunday, October 2, 2011

Defending the Dumb

The Remnant newspaper is fond of the SSPX and often defends the Society.  The editors of The Remnant correctly insist that the Society is not in a formal schism with Rome, but fail to see that the SSPX has a greater problem.  Local bishops do not grant SSPX priests their priestly faculties, making any Sacraments performed by them illicit.  The Orthodox churches are definitely in schism with the Catholic Church, but they are in better shape than the SSPX super-trads because Sacraments performed by Orthodox priests are licit.  The Remnant and other defenders of the SSPX are right to refute the charge of schism, but they do not realize that there are other important considerations besides basic unity with Rome.


  1. We must continue to pray for the reunification,..I believe we are a few months away,..:)

  2. Mr. Button, correct me if I'm mistaken, but my understanding is that
    one of the 'important considerations' you mention stemming from
    this lack of faculties granted by an ordinary is that not all of the
    sacraments performed by SSPX priests are valid. Confessions heard
    by a SSPX priest, I believe, are invalid because of this lack of faculties.
    I understand that marriages performed by a SSPX priest without
    faculties granted by an ordinary are likewise considered invalid,
    and not merely illicit.

    If my understanding of the matter is correct, the remaining five
    Sacraments performed by SSPX priests and bishops are still valid.

    I've never known anyone attached to the SSPX, but I am certain that
    both parties in this disagreement would benefit immensely from
    a reconciliation. Fortunately, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian
    Unity, God bless him.

  3. Clinton: You are right. I should probably have done some more research before writing this.

    I certainly hope that reconciliation will happen. The reason why I (perhaps uncharitably) call the SSPX dumb is because they recognize the authority of the Pope but do not obey him. This dissonance hurts efforts at reunification.

  4. I changed the post so it does not now imply that SSPX marriages and confessions are valid.