Friday, October 21, 2011

Politics on Catholic Blogs

I will sometimes feel especially disturbed by political or economic commentary with which I disagree when I find that commentary on a Catholic blog.  Plenty of other people get riled up by politics on Catholic blogs and I think I know why.  Catholic bloggers are not themselves infallible but we will often support infallible teachings.  If I were to write, "God is three persons in one nature" or "Abortion is evil" it would be a sin to disagree with me, not because the disagreement is with me, but with the teachings that I refer too.  A lot of Catholic bloggers myself included, write about religion and politics.  As a result, we shift from support of Church teaching to fallible political ideas which can make the reader feel as though bloggers are trying to say that any good Catholic must agree with him politically.  Bloggers do not mean to imply that their non-theological ideas are Sacred Tradition and their readers should keep that in mind.  Or not.  Feel free to ignore this advice.  I'm not infallible.


  1. !!!

    very good! and this is one reason I generally stay far away from blogging politics- but not everyone has to stay silent ;)

  2. As you pointed out, some things, like abortion have only 1 valid position for a Catholic. Others can allow for a variety of positions based on prudent judgement. The death penalty, for example. The Catholic Church allows it under certain circumstances. & there is room for debate on when that criteria is met.
    Usually when I am talking about Catholic teaching I try to specificly quote the teaching I am refering to (or at least reference it for people to find).