Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Most Important Woman in History

Prior to the rise of Christianity and devotion to Mary, the most revered women in the world were the Vestal Virgins and the Delphic Oracle.

The job description of the Vestal Virgins looked like this:
1. Keep a fire burning.
2. Don't have sex.

The Oracle at Delphi was a lady who offered vague predictions while tripping on psychedelic fumes.

Mary is honored for bearing God in her womb and being the holiest of all saints.  While pagan priestesses lived apart from the people, Mary lived as a model for every human person and will intercede on behalf of anyone.  Mary blows away the competiton.


  1. None of them can hold a candle to Mary!!!!!

  2. Mary is awesome! She is very special.