Monday, December 26, 2011

Defending Jack Chick

In the spirit of St. Steven's feast day, I think it appropriate to extend some charity to someone who is an enemy of my faith.  Uber anti-Catholic Jack Chick is rather dumb.  However, so are we all to one degree or another and although intelligence is handy it is not a virtue.  I harbor no ill will toward Mr. Chick but some people certainly do, and I feel the need to defend him against unjust accusers. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is mostly concerned with telling the government what it already knows and soliciting white liberals for money.  The SPLC studies the five or six people in the country who belong to hate groups and publishes several reports a year on the subject which it ceremoniously hands over to the United States government because the SPLC is apparently unaware of the FBI's existence.  The decline in racism over the last several decades means that the Law Center would be out of business if it had not extended its surveillance mandate to anyone who might possibly be tarred with the "hate" brush.  The SPLC condemns super-trad Catholics for their supposed antisemitism and opponents of illegal immigration for "racism."  For reasons that are not entirely clear, Chick Publications also stands accused of being a hate group.

Chick Publications is listed as a hate group under the category of "General Hate."  No profile is provided and I suspect that Jack Chick's group is included for the same reason that the Catholic newspaper The Wanderer is labeled a hate group, a means of inflating the number of hate groups to cite on fundraising appeals.  Jack Chick certainly hates Catholicism, but I have yet to see any indication that he actually hates Catholics or anyone else for that matter.  Besides, he believes that the Catholic Church was founded by Satan.  If I were ignorant enough to believe that the Church is satanic I would hate Catholicism too and would be justified in doing so.  Chick also hates Islam and homosexuality, but that does not mean he hates Muslims or homosexuals.  The SPLC is applying the liberal notion that a judgement of an act or ideology is a judgement of a person.  Chick Publications is not a hate group, it's just stupid.  Jack Chick would probably not want to be associated with me but whether he likes it or not I stand with him against the self-righteous and silly people of the Southern Poverty Law Center.


  1. " Chick also hates Islam and homosexuality, but that does mean he hates Muslims or homosexuals."
    For where the SPLC is at these days, it makes perfect sense to me that they would label both The Wanderer & Chick for the reason that they both hold up traditional teaching on homosexual acts & that Islam is a false religion.
    As for your question, the answer is NO! He doesn't hate Muslims or homosexuals. Chick is trying to get them to repent of their sins & be saved from hell.
    I remember when I 1st became intorduced to Chick back arround 73-74. Back then he didn't have any anti-Catholic tracts. He was just a hardline fundamentalist. It wasn't until about 76-77 that the anti-Catholic attacks began.
    & even now, on some things, like abortion, Chick is pro-Life. On the other hand, the SPLC is pro-abortion & has done all it can to paint all pro-lifers as violent.
    So, like you, while I will oppose his anti-Catholic stands, I stand with Chick against groups like the SPLC, whether he likes it or not.

  2. I meant to write "does not hate" but accidentally wrote "does hate". Fixed it.

    We should start a group: Catholics for Jack Chick. That would annoy the heck out of him.

  3. "Chick Publications is not a hate group, it's just stupid."

    "We should start a group: Catholics for Jack Chick. That would annoy
    the heck out of him."

    Those two lines were hilarious and very much to the point. Mr. Chick
    dislikes what he believes the Church to be. Last time I checked, this was
    a free country and he was entitled to the exercise of his ignorance.
    The would-be nannies and fear-mongers of the SPLC, however, have
    a financial interest in finding "hate groups" in every corner. A pox on
    them. Mr. Button, you called it exactly.

  4. Like the idea of "Catholics for Chick".
    Sadly, much of what he says Catholcism teaches is untrue or out of context. But because it plays to his audience, it sells.
    I pray that God will open his eyes to the Catholic Church before he dies.