Thursday, December 29, 2011

Squirrel Hunting

I spent most of yesterday with my dad hunting in Aucilla.  We started out hog hunting but when the pigs didn't show we switched to birdshot and shot some squirrels.  My dad got six.  I got . . . less than six.  This morning we're having a southern breakfast of grits and squirrels.

The bushytails could have learned a lesson from Monty Python:


  1. What exactly is a grit? I've heard about them in the movie ,.My Cousin Vinny,..Are they good? I'm curious...

  2. Grits are a course version of cornmeal that is made into porridge. Good (not instant) grits with some butter, salt, and honey is a great breakfast.

  3. Less than six :)

    Squirrel hunting is mucho fun with pellet guns and 22s, but I have yet to do it with SGs. I am trying to capture animals this winter sans guns.

  4. Apparently the wild hogs have seen the video.
    Grits, the Southern version of polenta. Had my 1st experience of them when I was down in Birmingham in '89 to visit EWTN.

  5. Joe: Shotguns work fine but I prefer rifles. Makes for more of a challenge and a cleaner shot. Good luck with the trapping!

    Al: Yes, I suppose they have.