Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Christmas Season

The secular world has the Christmas season exactly backwards.  Christmas celebrations begin the day after Thanksgiving and end on Christmas day.  Christmas is followed by self-reflection as the New Year approaches, a period during which people penitentially consider their shortcomings and make New Year's resolutions to correct them.  The Church however, urges us to do penance and think of how we can better serve God as we wait for Him during the season of Advent.  Then starting on Christmas Day we break out the eggnog and have an incarnation party that lasts until the feast of the Epiphany.  So no New Year's moping about your weight.  Jesus is born!  Let's celebrate!


  1. We sang that song at Mass today! :-)

  2. Whoa!!!! Flashback city. Is this 2012 or 1964????
    Interesting choice of versions of the song. I had totally forgotten they had made this recording.
    You can tell this is early S&G because their folk music roots are clearly heard in how they performed this.
    That aside, Christmas isn't over until La Befana arrives with her gifts on Epiphany Eve.
    Hopefully you have been good so she won't leave you any carbone, cipolle o aglio (coal, onions or garlic). & if you wonder who La Befana is, I'll be reposting my version of her story on Thursday evening.