Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Great Youth Compromise

I would like to propose a political compromise that could help advance domestic tranquility and improve the quality of American government.  Simply put, the voting age should be put back at 21, and as compensation, the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

The vast majority of people my age are entirely unqualified to so much as comment on politics, much less vote.  Most 18 year-olds should probably not be drinking but they drink anyway.  It is not possible to prevent underage drinking but it is possible to prevent leftist kids from voting.  Some youth may object to their disenfranchisement but I think that most of them will accept easier access to beer as a trade for the right to participate in the democratic process.  As an added bonus, legally drinking youth may develop a greater respect for the rule of law once they no longer need to routinely violate it.  For the sake of the country, let's have less voting and more drinking!


  1. A truly Chestertonian idea! Bravo!

  2. All kidding aside, the voting age should be at least 21. The exception would be active duty service men and women...

  3. Left Footer: I suppose Chesterton would approve, especially of the drinking.

    Adrienne: Good idea.

  4. Patrrick, I have to disagree with you on several things. Maybe it was because I grew up in the 60s & turned 18 in 1973 that I view this differently.
    Before the Constitutional change, several states had already lowered the voting age to 18. & I welcomed the change when it came.
    I'll agree that a majority of youth your age are entirely unqualified to so much as comment on politics, much less vote. But the same could be said for a huge number of those my age as well.
    I suspect however, that back in the 70s we were better prepared in school to participate than people your age are today. I get the impression that these days civics isn't exactly getting even the little attention it got in my day. Still, raisng the age to 21 doesn't stop leftist kids from voting, it just delays the inevitable & keeps people like you from counteracting them.
    As for the drinking age, I have no problem with it going back to 18. Although, I could justify it being 19 since many 18 year olds are still in High School.

  5. Al: I suppose I support the idea of disenfranchisement because I like being a reactionary. You are right of course that a lot of people of all age groups should not be voting, but I think that the uninformed are especially concentrated in my age group. On the other hand, so few youth vote that it probably would not make much of a difference either way. You make a good point about the drinking age. Lowering the drinking age to 19 seems reasonable.

  6. I generally am of the opinion that if you are considered qualified to go to war and buy porn then you ought to be considered qualified to drink and vote. Then again, if we raised the age limit on those two then I can understand voting.

  7. M. Lichens: You have a good point about the military age. What I don't understand is why soldiers are allowed to wield machine guns and artillery in the military at age 18 but can't buy a handgun until they're 21.