Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peggy Noonan on Obama and the HHS Mandate

Peggy Noonan totally reads my blog.  Well, either that or she reached the same rather obvious conclusion that I did about the HHS mandate along with a whole lot of other people.  Heck, Rahm Emmanual is probably calling Obama from Chicago to tell him that he's an idiot for attacking American Catholics, who are vital to his reelection. Well anyway, I prefer to think that Peggy Noonan reads my blog.  She writes,

The big political news of the week isn’t Mr. Romney’s gaffe, or even his victory in Florida. The big story took place in Washington. That’s where a bomb went off that not many in the political class heard, or understood.

But President Obama just may have lost the election.

The president signed off on a Health and Human Services ruling that says under ObamaCare Catholic Institutions—including its charities, hospitals and schools—will be required by law, for the first time ever, to provide and pay for insurance coverage that includes contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures. If they do not, they will face ruinous fines in the millions of dollars. Or they can always go out of business.

In other words, the Catholic Church was told this week that its institutions can’t be Catholic anymore.
I invite you to imagine the moment we are living in without the church’s charities, hospitals and schools. And if you know anything about those organizations, you know it is a fantasy that they can afford millions in fines.

There was no reason to make this ruling—none. Except ideology.

The conscience clause, which keeps the church itself from having to bow to such decisions, has always been assumed to cover the church’s institutions.

Now the church is fighting back. Priests in an estimated 70% of parishes last Sunday came forward to read strongly worded protests from the church’s bishops. The ruling asks the church to abandon Catholic principals and beliefs; it is an abridgement of the First Amendment; it is not acceptable. They say they will not bow to it. They should never bow to it, not only because they are Catholic and cannot be told to take actions that deny their faith, but because they are citizens of the United States.
If they stay strong and fight, they will win. This is in fact a potentially unifying moment for American Catholics, long split left, right and center. Catholic conservatives will immediately and fully oppose the administration’s decision. But Catholic liberals, who feel embarrassed and undercut, have also come out in opposition.

The church is split on many things. But do Catholics in the pews want the government telling their church to contravene its beliefs? A president affronting the leadership of the church, and blithely threatening its great institutions? No, they don’t want that. They will unite against that.
The smallest part of this story is political. There are 77.7 million Catholics in the United States. In 2008 they made up 27% of the electorate, about 35 million people. Mr. Obama carried the Catholic vote, 54% to 45%. They helped him win.

They won’t this year. And guess where a lot of Catholics live? In the battleground states.
There was no reason to pick this fight. It reflects political incompetence on a scale so great as to make Mitt Romney’s gaffes a little bitty thing.

There was nothing for the president to gain, except, perhaps, the pleasure of making a great church bow to him.

Enjoy it while you can. You have awakened a sleeping giant.


  1. The Obama mandate is unconstitutional. This ruling was made by tyrannical fiat. Peggy Noonan is spot on in her analysis.

  2. It is interesting to see how this is playing out the last couple days. Laura Ingraham thinks Obama may have to back off because of Catholic reaction. The Washington Post is doing the groundwork to help Obama stay the course for now. They had a survey that claims Catholics support Obama's mandate:
    You can be sure the Obama gang will try & run with it to keep the mandate in place.

    Which way it plays out, back off or not, will depend on how things continue to go as we get closer to the election. I suspect Obama will recant only if he has to to gain back lost voters. & even then, in a way that will play to his pro-abort base.