Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crisis Makes a Poor Recommendation

I love the Crisis web  magazine but I was somewhat disturbed by one of the articles in the "Recommended Links" section.  The article was posted on Lew Rockwell, a well known libertarian website and is titled Wacky is as Wacky Does.  The "wacky" people that the author Brian Wilson refers to are Ron Paul's opponents in the GOP primaries.  Wilson quotes Rich Galen commenting on Santorum's opposition to internet pornography:
I don't care if you like pornography. It's none of my business. The bigger issue for Santorum is he does care whether you watch it. The dichotomy in Santorum's position is that he wants to use the full might and reach of the Federal government to forbid the distribution of pornography… This from a candidate who has consistently argued for less Federal intervention in our lives.
The article goes on like this, disapprovingly quoting Gingrich and Romney on social issues including abortion.  Wilson defends Ron Paul from charges that he is "wacky" and then writes, 
Porn, gay marriage, birth control....yeah, yeah, yeah…No "Wacky" there, right? Just good, honest, intrusive, micro-managing "Big Government Nose In Your Business" interventionism, running your life and mine from those Constitutionally-unprincipled little GOP Dictator-Wanna-Be's and those oh-so balanced, reasonable, objective news-readers and pundits who love 'em.
This poorly written bit of web detritus would not be worthy of comment except that someone at Crisis linked to it.  Perhaps Crisis has a fifth columnist who loves Ron Paul so much that he is willing to tear down social conservatism if he thinks it will help the Congressman.  This is rather odd considering that Ron Paul is more socially conservative than people like Rich Galen or Brian Wilson.  Let's hope that this link remains a lone aberration in the archives of the faithful and entertaining Crisis Magazine.


  1. Lew Rockwell often has some excellent articles on it, this is not one of them. I am just as puzzled as you that Crisis would link to this.

  2. I'm hoping it was some sort of mistake. Perhaps an editor confused this article with a different one.