Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Heresy Hunter Returns

The Heresy Hunter, that "antediluvian desperado who eats kittens for breakfast," has returned to the Catholic blogosphere with a post!  TH2 condemns false ideas of inculturation, the notion that Catholic missionaries ought to allow pagan culture to supersede Christianity.  He proposes instead "authentic inculturation:"
One example of authentic inculturation was manifested in the missionary life of the aforementioned Jesuit Jean de Brébeuf. A skilled linguist, he learnt the Huron language when in Canada. He developed a grammar for it, writing the first dictionary of this language, even translating prayers. He assimilated into the Huron culture, understood its various customs, and so forth. But this type of inculturation, having conversion to Catholicism as the goal, is altogether unlike the à la carte inculturation at SFM, which has group hugs as its prime directive.
 Read the whole thing here.


  1. Merci for the promo.

    P.S. I laughed out loud at the "Catholic Ryan Gosling" post below.

  2. TH2 eats kittens for breakfast?????? I hope not.
    He does put out some great posts that go into great analysis of what is wrong with the Catholic Church in Canada that oft times gives insite to similar problems here in the USA.

  3. I tagged you here if you feel like participating in this meme

    1. I am a bit busy at the moment, but when I have some time I will be happy to participate.