Friday, April 13, 2012

Pro-Life Distractions

It seems to me that pro-lifers spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on relatively unimportant issues.  I’ve written before about accusations of racism against Planned Parenthood.  Even if Planned Parenthood is full of racists (and I suspect it is not), racism is unimportant next to mass infanticide.  Another distraction is cancer.  Depending on which study you consult, abortion may or may not increase the odds of a woman getting breast cancer.  Pro-lifers make much of the alleged abortion-cancer link but cancer is a non-issue compared to abortion itself.  Murder is immoral, cancerous cells are not.

That is not to say that we should simply ignore the negative side-effects of evil actions, but we must maintain a sense of perspective.  The act of abortion is much worse than cancer, which in turn is worse than the negative economic effects of abortion.  Abortion is a blight upon society that harms the born and unborn alike, and if we have any hope of ending it we must stick to the heart of the issue and keep the rights of the fetus at the center of the abortion debate. 


  1. There is a very good reason to focus to some extent on racism, the black community has been told a lie about PP's agenda. In the black community PP is being presented as a force for good rather than the means by which Sanger's eugenic agenda to eliminate blacks is being carried out. That is why Alveda King has been 1 of the leading spokespersons about this issue. To her it is not a side issue or a distraction.
    As for the breast cancer connection. There are good reasons for bringing it up as well. Esp with how PP is using Koman for the Cure as a cover.
    But the real reason these issues are brought up is not that they are a distraction. Instead, for some people they are the only way to get their attention.

  2. Al: I understand what you are saying about getting people's attention but I can't help but think that murder ought to get people's attention better than cancer or racism. I could be wrong, and I am sure that you have been debating on these issues a lot longer than I have but it seems weird to me to focus on something other than the monstrous crime of abortion itself. Maybe its just that as a result of being 20 I think that everyone ought to think like I do and that worrying about things that seem unimportant to me is unnecessary.

    1. Patrick, in a world ruled by logic, your view "murder ought to get people's attention better than cancer or racism" would make perfect sense. Unfortunately, logic doesn't always rule. If it did, then there wouldn't even be a debate, abortion would be banned.
      Sadly, not everyone is as wise as you are & sees abortion as the monstrous crime that it is. So, you often have to reach people where they are rather than where they should be.

    2. "Unfortunately, logic doesn't always rule. If it did, then there wouldn't even be a debate, abortion would be banned."

      Too true.