Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boston College Hosts a Heretic

The AP reports,
The widow of U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy will be giving a spring commencement speech at a Roman Catholic college in Massachusetts after all.

Boston College Law School announced Friday that Victoria Kennedy will give the keynote address at its May 25 commencement.

Kennedy had been scheduled to deliver this year's commencement speech at Anna Maria College in Paxton. But last month, the college withdrew the invitation under pressure from Bishop Robert McManus of the Diocese of Worcester.

McManus objected to Kennedy's public support for abortion rights and gay marriage, which are against church teachings.

On Friday, BC law Dean Vincent Rougeau said Kennedy has been a "powerful advocate for the powerless" on issues including gun control and education.
He said he was pleased Kennedy, a lifelong Catholic, agreed to offer her perspective to graduates.
A dissenter speaking at a "Catholic" university is commonplace, but this case is notable.  Boston College invited Mrs. Kennedy after her speaking invitation had been withdrawn by a different Catholic college at the insistence of Bishop McManus.  This should have been a more than adequate warning to Boston College that Mrs. Kennedy is not an acceptable choice for commencement speaker.

The excuses offered by Dean Rougeau are pathetic.  Mrs. Kennedy acts as an "advocate for the powerless" by supporting gun control?  If you really want to help the powerless, give them a Browning High-Power:
The Dean also praised Kennedy for supporting education, but who doesn't support education?  Education is swell, but it hardly outweighs Kennedy's advocacy for gay marriage and the mass murder of the unborn.  The leadership at Boston College are an example of the worst sort of liberal Catholics.  They think that people who affirm their pet theories about social justice are the good guys, even when they support terrible evil.


  1. Boston College, another 1 of those hotbeds of heresy mascarading as Catholic. There are a few decent profs there, like Peter Kreeft, but many more that work to undermine Catholicism.

  2. The computer I am on is acting pazzo. It added the comment before I was finished. We see the difference between an authentic Catholic College (Benedictine) & most of the faux Catholic like Georgetown & Boston College.