Thursday, May 24, 2012

Irish Abortions

The Journal reports,
Around 12 women a day travelled from Ireland to England and Wales last year to have terminations, new figures have revealed.

Since 1980 we know that at least 147,881 women travelled to Britain for abortion services.
Considering that there are only about 200 live births per day in Ireland, 12 daily abortions constitutes an abortion rate a little over 5%.  That's better than much of the rest of the world but it is still 5% too many.  Since 1980, British "doctors" have murdered so many Irish babies that they might soon surpass Cromwell's record of 200,000 Irish civilians killed or starved during his conquest.  The number of Irish woman receiving abortions is indicative of a cultural problem within Ireland.  Abortion is illegal there, yet it still occurs.  In countries such as the United States, where we fight to end abortion, we must remember that the legislative and judicial battle is secondary to the task of converting the culture of death to a culture of life.


  1. Doing the math & checking the info on the tables with the report, the article looks like it is refering to the Republic of Ireland & not including Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland currently has a ban on abortions as well. So they have to also go to England.
    There is a group in Northern Ireland, Precious Life (, working to keep things that way in Ireland as well. A couple of people associated with them were in DBQ in March & I got to here them speak.
    They work through prayer as well as activism. As they say on their website: We realise this is a spiritual battle which needs to be fought with spiritual weapons.
    I say that as a reminder to those who read this of the importance of prayer in our battle against the "culture of death".

    1. Interesting fact about Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein, which supposedly speaks for Catholics, supports the liberalization of abortion laws.