Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is Obama Thinking?

What is wrong with president Obama?  How could he possibly think that forcing Catholic institutions to pay for birth control is a good idea?  I have a hypothesis.

President Obama is waging war on the Catholic church, but perhaps he does not realize it.  Too him, a church is a building where people go to pray, not a massive institution that has hospitals, schools, and other ministries that are fully part of it.  I think this fundamental failure to understand the nature of the Catholic Church is due to Obama's Protestantism and his secularism.  For most Protestants, a church is a place in which "two or three come together in my (Christ's) name."  For the sake of convenience, a community of Christians participate in these gatherings at a particular place, where a building is erected to keep the rain out.

In contrast, a Catholic church is one outpost of a vast army that includes all the Hosts of Heaven.  The faithful are joined in the sacrament of communion with every faithful Catholic, living and dead.  By this sacrament, they are filled with grace to fortify them in their ministries, some of which take place in Church institutions such as schools and hospitals.  These ministerial institutions are not simply places that Catholics work, but are part of the Church.

The fact that Catholic institutions do their work so publicly must be what prevents the president from grasping their true nature.  For secular liberals like Obama, religion is something you keep to yourself.  You can quote a bible verse occasionally when you're pushing "social justice," but for the most part religion is confined to the aforementioned buildings.  Religion is not a public thing for secularists.  Catholic schools and hospitals are institutions that cater to the general public, therefore they don't fit the liberal secularist understanding of religion.  Obama and friends don't hate religion, but they think that it ought to mostly be restricted to private worship.  Until all of those reactionary theocrats like Timothy Dolan fall into line, liberals will talk only of "freedom of worship" instead of "freedom of religion" so as not to confuse the faithful.  Of course, in reality, it is president Obama who is confused.  May God change his heart, and may voters change his home address.


  1. This is fantastic... to quote an English teacher I once had, "dazzling, really". It should be published in every Catholic newspaper, but the editors are probably afraid of losing tax-exempt status.

  2. Came to your blog from "Over the Rhine and Into the Tiber". This is so good, it needs to be shouted from the housetops. Great job! -- Rosemary

  3. Patrick, yes Obama is waging war on the Catholic Church. & I think he knows just what he is doing. He knows that if the hospitals, schools & other ministries start going back to being truly Catholic, which means they are there to bring Jesus in to every situation(as Papa Benedetto said a while ago, everything the Church does has as its end, to evangelize), then the whole secularist agenda will be defeated. This is why he & those on his side are trying to drive religion out of the public square.