Saturday, October 13, 2012

Iraqi Engrish

Blogger's Note:
I am having a busier semester than usual, so blog posts will continue to appear at relatively long intervals.  I anticipate a few more posts about Kurdistan, and then a return to the usual religion, politics, and philosophy.  Now on to the Engrish!

Most of these signs, shirts, and labels are true Engrish, that is, poorly translated or random English words.  Others are not really Engrish, but seem funny from a foreign perspective.

Harem Street.  It's where we keep our harems.

Great for playing a super game of tennis.

The print says "Music Pioneer: Intoxication is a life attitude..."

A bootleg copy of nonexistent games.


 Some weird T-Shirts:

This restaurant serves those cannibals who especially enjoy eating tourists.

The word "industrial" is used to differentiate these pastries from those that are freshly made.  It makes sense, though the label looks funny to an American.

Family Sauce: Made with Real Families!
Family sauce is a date based sauce that can be used instead of barbeque sauce.  It's pretty good.

Who needs steroids when you can eat fruit and honey?

The product is a bit weird, but the spelling is absurd.

The movie guide on Royal Jordanian flights has a humorously hyperbolic subtitle.


  1. Re; the pizzaria
    Well know I know what happenned to Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza after the end of Il Silenzio dei Prosciutti (Silence of the Hams).
    OK, I know that is a bit esoteric, but yes, it is a real movie:

    that starred Dom DeLuise as Dr. Pizza:

    BTW: did you find out if there were still some harems on Harem ST?

    1. Hmm. That was a unique cinematic experience.

      Harem street is residential, and we thought it best not to knock on people's doors asking to see their harems.

  2. I recall a chain of sports shoe shops in S Korea called "Athlete's Foot".

  3. German Engrisch (Englisch): An "human dog academy" and an "die academy":

    1. Well if there are any human dogs out there, they can now get an education.