Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Preview

I could post some actual writing, but I'm going to preview my next few posts instead because that requires significantly less work.  Over the next few days I will post on:
  • Video Games for Reactionaries
  • Whittaker Chambers vs Ayn Rand
  • Neil deGrass Tyson on "The Cosmic Perspective"
  • The Real Reason for Peace in the Pro-Life Movement
  • Marx and Economic Culture
  • Whatever else I feel like writing about


  1. Of course, you know this has now committed you to actually writing these posts. ;)
    Seriously, I would be interested in seeing how you would handle Chambers v Rand or the ex-commie v the objectivist
    & isn't Tyson doing just that with his upcoming sequel to Sagan's Cosmos???

    1. Yeah, the commitment is why I did this. I enjoy blogging but sometimes you have to motivate yourself.