Tuesday, January 15, 2013

John C. Wright Admires Women

God help the poor fool who angers John C. Wright.  If Wright has a mind to, he will pound you into the dirt with his keyboard.  (Metaphorically of course, for physical confrontations he employs a sword cane.)  The feminists and their emasculated male servitors are upset with sports announcer Brent Musburger for saying that a quarterback's girlfriend is beautiful.  Wright destroys the PC police in a stupendous essay.

Katherine Webb, the pretty lady:


Wright includes this aside in his assault,
We Christians are also much sexier in every way than the wimpy agnostics and their sad barbarian machismo, and our women are fertile, nubile, feminine, and cute, and make better mates and mothers and human beings than the neurotic unisex tramps from your world, heathen losers. Deal with it.
He hyperbolizes of course, and is perhaps a bit mean, but I have to say that nothing accentuates natural loveliness like modesty and holiness.  Living on a Catholic campus I believe I can say with some authority that no women are as attractive as Catholic girls. Of course, by expressing my admiration for a particular kind of woman, I risk the wrath of the ame PC types who hate Musburger, but if anyone objects, I'll refer them to John C. Wright.


  1. Yes, there is some hyperbole, & like many a philosopher, long winded at times. But he does make his points about what is wrong with the PC mentality & the source of the problem very well.

    1. Long winded is true. I think that Wright enjoys himself so much he can't put his keyboard down.