Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ron Paul Disrespects Chris Kyle

I sort of supported Ron Paul in the Republican primaries because he was the only candidate who had the vaguest idea of what the constitution means.  Even so, I disagree with the Congressman on some fundamental points of political philosophy.  I ended up filling in his circle on the primary absentee ballot, but felt conflicted and didn't mail it in.  I wish I had actually voted for Paul but I have been feeling better about my indecisiveness after the Congressman issued a twitter statement in response to the death of Chris Kyle, a Marine sniper who was shot last week by a veteran suffering from PTSD.  Kyle had brought the man to the range as part of therapy.
As reported on TAC the twitter post reads:
Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense.
This comment was heartless at best and malicious at worst.  Paul dug himself deeper when he tried to justify his comments instead of simply apologizing.  Ron Paul has admirable qualities but this twitter statement is not the act of a gentleman.


  1. I supported Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucuses because the was the best of the lot, not saying much, I know.
    His son is so much better however.

    1. Rand might well run for President in 2016. Should be interesting.