Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Real Marriage Problem

The recent Supreme Court decision United States v. Windsor struck down the Defense of Marriage Act using a rather inventive interpretation of the 5th Amendment.  This is arguably a bad thing for the rule of law and public morality, but it is only a tiny judicial footnote to the great cultural crisis in our nation.  The great problem is not Justice Kennedy's jurisprudence, but rather that the vast majority of Americans, gay and straight, Protestant and Catholic, do not understand marriage.

Marriage is both indissoluble and ordered toward procreation, but only a small subculture of Americans actually believe this.  The institution of marriage has not been killed by gays, but rather by straight couples, many of them churchgoing Christians, who have been contracepting and getting divorces for decades.  This does not mean that most marriages are worthless, but we must recognize that they are radically different from what marriage is supposed to be.  By making marriage an increasingly sterile and arbitrary arrangement, straight couples set the foundation for the gay "marriage" movement.  Assigning blame is not the most productive activity, but if we must blame some group for the destruction of our most central social institution, we should blame neither gays nor judges, but the great mass of straight Americans.

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