Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crazy Awesome Ghanian Movies

My mind was blown by watching clips from Ghanian action movies.  I'm not saying that these movies are crazy because I'm a xenophobic jerk who can't appreciate foreign cultures, but because they are objectively and gloriously insane.  H/T: Lasse Josephson
(I'm not providing a link because some of Jospheson's posts are disgusting, but I feel obligated by the blogger code of honor to give him an attribution.)

A badly rendered monster from the movie Predator will attack Ghana in the year 2016.  Or something.

The title of this clip calls it "The best movie ever made in Ghana and Africa."  The description says, "This effort made by director Rockson Emmanuel is exceptional.  He is the best special effects director in Ghana."  Mr. Emmanuel's work certainly is certainly unlike anything I've ever seen before, so I would say it is pretty exceptional.

In this film, one of the super-soldiers from the Crysis games shoots at people while riding a hoverbike. Actually, that sounds like the premise for a pretty good movie.


  1. "objectively and gloriously insane' is exactly right!!!!!!
    As for those who may scream xenophobia, what is the difference between these & many horror/slasher/action movies made in the US or Asia?