Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hail Holy Queen!

I have said to myself that Marian spirituality "isn't my thing" yet I find myself coming before the Blessed Mother more and more in prayer.  Not every sort of devotion is suited for every person of course, butt if you find yourself unenthusiastic about Marian devotions, it can't hurt to try them some more.


  1. The beauty of the Catholic Church is that when it comes to devotions it isn't 1 size fits all. While the doctrines/magisterial teachings can never change, the Church provides us with a wide variety of devotions that are found in the Eastern & Western lungs of the Church.
    My devotions draw from East & West, esp when it comes to Mary. Those towards the saints do not draw us away from Jesus, but draw us closer. At the same time they remind us that the Church is made up not only of us here on earth but those in purgatory & Heaven as well.