Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cruz Confusion

Credit: Jeff Malet,
Ted Cruz recently said something so outrageously stupid and unjust that I felt the need to emerge from my law school exile and write a post about it.  As many of you may know, Cruz recently gave a speech to "In Defense of Christians," a Middle Eastern Christian organization, but left before finishing because some in the crowd booed in response to his assertion that "Christians have no greater ally than Israel."  Offended by the heckling, Cruz said "“If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews then I will not stand with you" and then left the stage.

Ted Cruz is either a cynical manipulator or a dangerously uninformed man.  Perhaps he is aware of the fact that Middle Eastern Christians don't tend to like Israel very much and wanted to be booed; it was a stunt meant to impress the more illiterate sections of his evangelical base.  If this is the case, he used Mid-East Christians in an immoral fashion for personal gain, and should not be trusted with power.  Alternatively, he really could have no idea that Mid-East Christians tend to identify more with their Muslim neighbors than with Israeli Jews, and that they have good reason for doing so.  Perhaps he really thinks that the people booing him were just a bunch of anti-Semitic lunatics who somehow got into a Christian event.  If so, he is an ignoramus who has no business filling any office that deals with foreign policy. 

If Cruz is merely ignorant, then he needs to be informed of an important truth.  Israel is not the greatest ally of Christians in the Middle East.  In the large majority of cases, the people whom Christians in that region rely on for support are Muslim.  In Kurdistan, Muslim Kurdish troops die to protect Chaldean Christians from the Islamic State.  In Jordan, Christians live in peace with their Muslim neighbors and can rely on the friendship and protection of King Abdullah II, one of the greatest of contemporary monarchs.  In Egypt, where Muslim Brotherhood supporters attack Coptic Christians, Muslims have on multiple occasions stood in protective rings around Coptic churches to defend them.  In Gaza, Christian and Muslim Palestinians pull each other out the rubble left by Israeli bombs, and curse the Jewish state together for what they perceive to be unjust aggression.

Mid-East Christians tend to dislike Israel.  This animosity results from a number of factors.  Perhaps most important is the simple desire to fit in with their Muslim neighbors.  Promoting secular nationalism side by side with Muslims makes Christians part of the political world around them and makes allies out of Muslims who could potentially be enemies.  The fact that Mid-East Christians would react negatively to Cruz's praise of Israel is entirely understandable.

Christian opposition to Israel may be wrong to one degree or another, but it doesn't really matter.  Cruz's statement that he would not stand with Christians unless they stood with Israel is disgusting.  Unless they are doing something truly monstrous like massacring Albanians, we must stand with our fellow Christians around the world, even if we disagree with them on minor points.  You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.  Israeli Jews may be our friends, but Middle-Eastern Christians are our family, and we owe it to them to consider their problems and positions with the greatest of charity, even if we disagree.  If Ted Cruz wishes to act in a truly Christian manner, he needs to apologize to the Christians he insulted and instead of lecturing them about the ways of the world, he should shut up and listen to Mid-East Christians explain things to him.