Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Chaldeans are Being Destroyed

The Chaldeans are being destroyed and the West does nothing. The American invasion of 2003 created a power vacuum that would be filled by the Islamic State. We are responsible for what happens to these people, and so far Obama has done nothing. God have mercy.

 H/T: Rorate Caeli

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back in Action

I recently spent a week at Mises U in Auburn Alabama, where I may have inadvertently infected half of the Libertarian intelligentsia with a cold.  The lectures were great, but the highlight for me was the conversations with one of my best friends in which we hashed out a synthesis between the proprietary anarchism of Hans Herman Hoppe, the classical conservatism of Edmund Burke, and Church teaching.  Assuming I actually maintain that position (I'm 22, I change my mind all the time), I hope to one day write a book on the subject with the paradoxical title Anarcho-Statism.  Anyway, I'm back in the fast paced, high-paid world of blogging.  I am working on a short story, my first real attempt at fiction writing since 2nd Grade, which should be up soon.  Pax.

Update: As I look back through my older blog posts I realize that I never posted that story. That's because I discovered that I have no idea how to write fiction.