Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some Guy Named Jorge

The Holy Father deserves our respect, but not our total agreement on all matters. That shouldn't be a controversial statement but it would seem like it is considering all of the popesplainers out there. My reluctance to deal with this issue is one of the reasons for my lack of blogging, but I feel like I have to say something. Come on people. You don't have to think that Pope Francis is a secret freemason or an anti-pope or whatever to recognize that some of his statements are at best silly and at worst could lead people into error.

The next time the Holy Father makes some pronouncement, do the following. First, imagine that it isn't the bishop of Rome speaking, but just some Argentinian guy named Jorge. Consider the statement, then accept it or reject it. Then, remember that Jorge Bergolio is in fact Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ; maintain a respectful attitude toward his office, and reconsider your previous assessment of his statement in light of the limited charism of that office. I suggest this two part approach because it should prevent the person using it from constructing a nice safe National Catholic Register approved conclusion to which he can then fit the facts.


  1. Very late, I know, but I agree. My blog is stunned into near silence by this Papacy. God bless!

    1. And I am late in replying! Troubles in the Church at least have the good effect of reminding us to pray for her.